Moving Magnet linear servo motor (SM)

MOTX linear motors with a continuous force of up to 900 N enable accurate and highly dynamic positioning.

The SM series linear servo motors offer precise linear positioning at very high speeds. These linear motors are connected directly to the mechanics that needs to be moved. This direct connection enables an excellent servo responsiveness that leads to a faster settling time for any motion.

The SM series feature an iron core design that effects a high force density while at the same time offering very low cogging. As such these motors are perfectly suited for applications that require smooth motion such as scanning or printing.

The linear motor can replace ball-screws, rack and pinion, belts, core-less and iron core linear motors.


  • Stroke lengths of 20mm to 2000mm.
  • Peak force of up to 1,500N.
  • Continuous force of up to 800N.


  • Cableless
  • Eliminate transmission components that wear, such as gears, screws and belts.
  • Direct connection to the moving load
  • Precise linear positioning.
  • Very high speed and acceleration


  • Ultra-light carriage: Very high acceleration & short cycle time.
  • No heat on carriage.
  • No attraction force.


  • High performance cable-less.
  • linear motor for semiconductor and assembly machines.

Specification for 210mm long carriage

  Units Value
Continuous force N 350-1400
Peak force  N 500-2000
Attraction force N 0
Max. speed m/s 6
Max. acceleration m/s2 150
Moving mass (carriage) kg 2.5-7.5
Length of carriage mm 220-660
Width of carriage mm 120
Stroke (travel) mm up to 3,000